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The World Resource Review (WRR) is an international refereed journal devoted wholly to scientific and policy studies of Global Warming, World Resource Management, and Global Change. Review papers cover all phases of activities and policy discussions in

A. Global Warming & Climate Change

  • The Earth's Surface Radiation Budget and Global Climate
  • Greenhouse Gas Production
  • Cloud Effects on Global Climate
  • Extreme Events and Regional Extreme Climatic Swings
  • The Ocean and Global Climate
  • Climate Change Indicators
B. Energy & Natural Resource Management
  • Energy, Transportation, Mineral and Material Technologies
  • Industrial Technology and Greenhouse Gas Emission
  • Economic Development & the Environment
  • Natural Resource Management and Reforestation
  • Appropriate & Alternative Energy Planning
  • Food, Agriculture and Forest Products
C. International Coordination
  • National and Regional Efforts to increase the Rate of Carbon Fixation
  • International Actions to Coordinate Human Activities
  • Cooperative Research - Adaptation of Technology and Mitigation of Environmental Issues
  • The Role of International Agencies in Global Warming Mitigation
D. International Law & Policy Making
  • Climate Convention, Biodiversity Convention & Forest Principles
  • International Law and National Policies
  • The Role of Higher Institutes of Learning
  • Decision Making Under Scientific Uncertainty
E. Global Warming & Public Health
  • Infectious Diseases and Global Warming
  • Immune Response and Global Warming
  • Allergies and Global Warming
  • Public Health and the Environment
  • Climate and the Evolution of Biological Species
F. Remote Sensing
  • The Use of Remote Sensing in Global Change Research
  • Global Change in the Polar Region
G. State & Local Government
  • Energy Planning & Utility Roles
    Environmental Regulation & Technology

Guide to Authors

The subject matter of papers published in World Resource Review (WRR) covers all aspects of science and policy interactions with the management of natural resources. Extreme events (EE) and their economic impacts worldwide were first reported among the pages of the WRR. Recent subjects include global warming mitigation, Kyoto Protocol compliance, EE and climate change, global warming impacts on industry, agriculture, energy, and infrastructures, monitoring of changes in resources and resource use using remote sensing and supercomputers, human health in a changing climate, Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), corporate greenhouse gas management, policy for sustainable development and coastal zone development management, actions of national and international bodies, energy and material efficiency, global and national carbon budget, greenhouse gas budget, and methane cycles. Projects and activities are reviewed so as to illuminate the scientific and social reasons for their successes and failures. The Journal is committed to environmentally and economically sound management of the world's industrial, agricultural, forestry, energy, mineral and material resources.

In addition to Review Papers the Journal publishes Short Communications, Technical Notes, Letters to the Editor, Discussion of published papers, the Extreme Events department, the Keep You Informed department, the WRR Topics in a Box department, Notices and Reports of Meetings, Book Reviews and Critical Literature Reviews.

Authors are aimed to write concisely for the science and policy audience. A significant element of the manuscript's review will be the clarity of writing.

The manuscript must be double-spaced with one-inch margins. Original drawings and two copies approximately twice the final size should be submitted. Three copies of the manuscript in English and on 3.5 inch disk or CD (in Word) should be submitted to Prof. Sinyan Shen, Editor-in-Chief, World Resource Review, PO Box 5275, Woodridge IL 60517-0275 USA. Email

For questions on Journal subjects contact:

Prof. Marc Ross, Physics Dept., Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor MI 48109 USA
Prof. Gustaf Sirén, Swedish Univ. of Agricultural Sciences, Sviodsvägen 10, S-18262 Djursholm, Stockholm, Sweden
Prof. Christian Roy, Dept. de Génie Chimique, Université Laval, Cité Universitaire, Ste. Foy, Québec G1K 7P4 Canada
Prof. John M. Skelly, Dept. of Plant Pathology, Penn State, Univ. Pk PA 16802 USA
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